Pricing Network Services


Our research in this area deals with the study of pricing schemes for computer networks. We are developing pricing models which have a sound theoretical justification and satisfy desirable properties such as the accurate and fair reflection of the network resource utilization, the protection of the network from malicious use, the maximisation of the network and user welfare, and are easy to implement. Specific areas we are investigating include the application of effective bandwidths in pricing schemes, the use of microeconomic models, and recent proposals for Internet transport pricing. Also important are the development of methods for on-line QoS monitoring, appropriate for the needs of the pricing algorithms and the exploitation of existing technologies for monitoring and shaping of network traffic. We are also investigating the requirements that pricing models impose on the network management architecture. This involves the extension of existing MIBs to support charging functions, the decomposition of charging and accounting functions, and the mapping of these to specific management functions implemented in different levels of the management hierarchy. We also apply auction theory as means of allocating and charging telecom resources and develop meaningful pricing schemes for peer to peer, virtual home environment and multicasting sevices. 

Representative Publications

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