SmoothIT: Simple Economic Management Approaches of Overlay Traffic in Heterogeneous Internet Topologies

SmoothIT addresses innovatively the detailed economic and technical mechanisms for a flexible, secure, and scalable traffic management of overlay networks in tomorrow' s ISPs and telecommunication operators networking infrastructure.

The project has the following major objectives to be pursued in support of the overall aim of radically advancing technology:
1. SmoothIT will structure overlays in a way that is is efficient or optimal, both for user communities and for ISPs. This is to be attained by means of economic and incentive mechanisms
2. SmoothIT will study and define key requirements for a commercial application of economic traffic management schemes for ISPs and telcos.
3. In order to advance traffic management beyond traditional limits, specialized economic theory will be applied for building in a fully decentralized way network efficient Internet-based overlay services in multi-domain scenarios, solving the information asymmetry problem.
4. SmoothIT will design, prototype, and validate the necessary networking infrastructure and their components for an efficient implementation of such economic traffic management mechanisms in an IP test-bed and trial network.
5. SmoothIT will develop an optimized incentive-driven signaling approach for defining (theory) and delivering (technology) economic signals across domain boundaries in support of co-operating and competing providers in an interconnected heterogeneous network environment.
6. SmoothIT will integrate concepts from previous work, such as M3I and MMAPPS, leveraging existing knowledge and applying it to future overlay services.
7. SmoothIT will stress operator-orientation by verifying key results of the work through ISP and telco requirements as well as its supporting technology.




AUEB's main role was:

  • To develop the theoretical foundations for creating an instance of a Next Generation Economic Traffic Management Approach (ETM) in a co-operative and overlapping relation to current traffic management approaches
  • To develop models for the network, overlay network, entities, traffic, and incentives which are applied for overlay applications and compared to existing traffic management systems
  • To determine a classification and an overview of suitable ETM self-organization mechanisms in order to support the proper selection of incentive-compatible self-organizing mechanisms
  • To define new and scalable ETJM mechanisms for overlay applications, being self-organized, incentive-compatible and fully-decentralized
  • To evolve concepts of existing economic theory beyond current application domains and apply it to overlay applications and networks by including incentives as well as incentive signals for service usage and service management
  • To employ game-theoretic techniques in order to study incentives for ISP collaborations
  • To analyze the performance, the reliability, and the scalability of ETM mechanisms, in particular with respect to the stochastic behavior of participating nodes, thus, evaluating those new ETM mechanisms


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